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Just Launched: Miro Guide 3.0

February 9th, 2009 by Dean Jansen

The brand new Miro Guide just went up yesterday — it looks beautiful and is packed full of new features. This new version of the Miro Guide is also the beginning of a new effort to make MiroGuide.com work really well as a stand-alone web guide to video podcasts (competing with a site like Odeo, for example). More on that soon.

Here’s what the new guide looks like, read on to find out more about the new features…

miro guide

New Features in Miro Guide 3.0

  • Add Sites: Now that websites are easy to add to the Miro sidebar, we’re putting them in the guide
  • Previewing Videos: Now most videos can be previewed directly in the guide
  • Language Settings: Users have more control over which language channels they see.
  • Infinite Scrolling: Just scroll to the bottom of a list and more results will automagically load.
  • Better Sharing: It’s easier to share videos you like with people you like.
  • Beautiful Interface: The design has been redone from the ground up.

The new guide is a big improvement, and it will be getting even better with: more social features, more sites, audio content, and more. If you’d like to make any suggestions about things you want to see, please leave a comment here or on GetSatisfaction. And with all these changes the site text has changed almost completely and we need help translating the interface.

Check out the Miro Guide >>

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21 Responses to “Just Launched: Miro Guide 3.0”

  1. davidmead says:

    I saw this last night as I fired up Miro. Looks very nice, but I haven't dug around too deep yet. Previewing the videos is a great idea so I'm looking forward to trying that out. Nice job.

  2. Yeah I say this last night too. I twittered it but guess no one was listening ;-)
    I really like it, it's clean, nice and bright. Having three shows promoted in the main window is better than the old two. Will look forward to more Miro developments…

  3. Stephen says:

    Awesome work! I know you can use HULU and such, but integrating it into the Guide is perfect.

  4. Chris says:

    The Loginform in a :hover-box is really bad to use.

  5. Dean says:

    Chris, what were the problems you had w/ the hover form?

    • BigByte says:

      Hi Dean… If you will log in and scroll out of the hover box by tipping your login User datas the hover box close… In my opinion i think it´s better, the hover box only closes, if you click to any other position with the mouse, login in is succesfully, or you use the "Esc" key

  6. Dave says:

    It looks really nice! I like the infinite scrolling (though I must admit, at first I thought the paging tabs were buggy).

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  9. Paul Irish says:

    Beautiful, functional, lovely. I especially enjoy the preview feature. Nice work

  10. Metal3d says:

    deb lines given wont work on intrepid… I can't test :(

  11. Enno says:

    Oh please, why does the program still come up with the first time setup screen whenever I start it? That silly bug was reported many months ago!

  12. BigByte says:

    After some tests of Miro… the Miro Guide is gone.
    I can not refresh the side over Home Button or Refresh Button… Whats happening

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