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Miro Two Release Candidate Two

February 2nd, 2009 by Nicholas Reville

We’ve just posted Miro Release Candidate 2– a last minute change before the first RC created a bunch of playback problems on Windows. Also, YouTube change some things that made YouTube downloading stop working. Those problems and some others are fixed in this version (details here). We’re getting close!

Download Miro 2.0 RC2 — Download for Windows — Download for Mac — Download Source

Miro 2 will bring lots of new features and a brand new interface— try it out and let us know if you see anything wrong.

As Dean mentioned last week, we need more volunteers to help with translating and testing. Here’s how you can get involved:

Translating Miro: As many of you know, Miro and the Miro Guide are 100% volunteer translated. If you know any non-English languages, then we’d love to have you translate and/or refine the existing translations. Instructions for helping translate >>

Testing Miro: Using the latest pre-release version of Miro is really fun — and if you’ve got some time to help us run a few tests, we’d be really happy. Testing Steps:

  1. Download the pre-release version of Miro 2.0 (Windows, Mac, Linux).
  2. (optional) Back up your Miro database… better safe than sorry.
  3. Install your pre-release.
  4. Help us run Litmus tests. Janet has an easy to follow guide for testing with Litmus.


6 Responses to “Miro Two Release Candidate Two”

  1. Interesting additions, youtube problem was a result of a change in the api from v1 to 2. There's also been a few glitches now and then with videos not returning properly – it's a problem on Youtube's servers though and is temporary when it occurs.

  2. Matty says:

    I like the new site feature, however could you please get rid of or change the new control display that comes up every time you start a video. It is annoying and a bit unnecessary, as it doesn't do anything that the bottom bar doesn't do. At least make it smaller and be visible for a shorter amount of time.

    Miro also still uses up a lot of memory.

    But apart from those things keep up the good work.

  3. miles says:

    Hello, I tried it on OSX.
    Looking at Slovenian version (since I translated all strings that can be translated in your web translation system) it seems only a bigger part of Miro gui is translated but not the channel guide although I fully translated the guide as well (you can check – all three translations: miro, guide and website are fully translated into Slovenian). Are you sure you pulled in all the latest translations? If so, then you have a mass of unlocalizable, hard-coded strings, which makes our work a waste of time. Why localize if it cannot be fully localized?
    Not to mention the website, where only a few strings appear localized…

  4. David Rosen says:

    After using rc2 for almost a week, I can say it's pretty close. In fact, I'd be quite happy if this build was released as 2.0. (I have run into a few bugs, but nothing that can't be fixed later.)

    This build is mostly stable, performs well, and is very usable. Keep up the good work!

  5. Rob says:

    There is an issue with the On-Screen Control Interface during playback. The delay before it fades out is WAY too long… Try mimicking Quicktime or iTunes delay time. Either is optimal.

  6. Ed McAndrews says:

    How do you install miro 2.0? (for ubuntu 8.04) I tried ./configure, make & make compile but can't get it to repond. Is there a tutorial so I'm able to get the procudure completely accurate?

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