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Help Us: Weed Out Non-HD Feeds

March 6th, 2009 by Dean Jansen

It’s annoying when you find an obviously non-HD channel marked as HD! That’s why we’ve got a flagging system — anyone can mark a channel so moderators can clean things up.


What is HD? – Technically it means a resolution of 1080×720 or higher. We’re somewhat lenient, when it comes down to it, but will become stricter as more and more true HD content comes online. Shows should have more than 90% HD content (occasional non-HD videos mixed in is OK), in order to be marked as HD.

How Can You Help? – Just tag stuff that is obviously not HD. Our moderators will check out the stuff that gets the most flags, and if it’s under the minimum requirement, we’ll pull it out of the HD section.

One Response to “Help Us: Weed Out Non-HD Feeds”

  1. Talamascal says:

    Can I have a copy of the non-HD links? My pc’s are good for at least 2 more years before I do a total upgrade. I’m not inclined to spend my money because someone tells me I need this or that. And I’m sure you’d find you’d have a lot more users if the feeds weren’t all HD.

    Be a little more realistic. Not every one of your potential clients has the latest in pc power. In fact, I would wager that less than 90% of the people you are trying to reach do.
    If the clientele that you do intend to reach are the 10% with all the higher power pc’s, you are doing yourselves a great disservice.

    I’ve tried Miro twice in the last four or five months. On two different computers. Both times it’s been deleted. Both play HD-DVD’s just fine. All firmware is updated. All software drivers are updated. But Miro refuses to play nice. So, no more. And I will more than not recommend it to people I know.

    Just curious, is it the corporate snotty-ness or the geek-snotty-ness that drives the arrogance? Or does reality lie somewhere in-between?

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