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Miro 2.0.2 Released: More translations and bug fixes

March 9th, 2009 by Nicholas Reville

We’ve just released Miro 2.0.2, which is translated into more languages and has many bug fixes. Full details are in the release notes. As always, you can download Miro here.

We strive to make Miro accessible to as many people around the world as possible– if you speak a non-English language, we would love your help translating Miro, the Miro Guide, and our website. It’s surprisingly easy to jump in and do a little bit. You can get started here.

5 Responses to “Miro 2.0.2 Released: More translations and bug fixes”

  1. Gunnar says:

    Thank you for the new Version.
    The left Feedwindow rest his Position after every Start and Restart from Miro. Its a Bug an when it is fixed?

  2. Gunnar says:

    Oh, sorry. I made a Mistake. I mean "The left Feedwindow resets his Border and Position…."

  3. Dan says:

    The first copy or Miro I got connected to the internet so I could download music vidio's, I was contacted to get a new copy of it and now it won't connect at all to the internet. I tried to redownload a privios copy and it wouldn't let me download it. How can I make it connect to the internet ?

  4. Hoby Van Hoose says:

    Good update so far. I would like to suggest though a couple of niceties:

    1. Make the timing of the playback controls layover be a user preference.

    2. Give some visual indication that a video the user hasn't completed watching, hasn't been watched completely. Maybe a thin progress bar below the thumbnail?

  5. criticism says:

    still a bloated monster. sorry. please hire more programmers.

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