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Open Video Conference (June 19-20): Website Launch

March 10th, 2009 by Dean Jansen

The Open Video Conference website just launched!


Open Video Conference
June 19-20, 2009
New York City
40 Washington Square South @ NYU Law School

We’re busy lining up amazing speakers, video and remix art, technical workshops, video workshops, film screenings, and more (we’ll be announcing the lineup on an ongoing basis, stay tuned). We’ll make sure it’s engaging and exciting for a very broad-based audience, not just technical folks. Ultimately, the focus is on freedom of expression, decentralization, transparency, and how we can pave the way for open innovation in the online video space.

Things to do on the site:

Who is organizing this thing?

The conference is a production of Participatory Culture Foundation, Yale Internet Society Project, Kaltura, iCommons, and the Open Video Alliance.

8 Responses to “Open Video Conference (June 19-20): Website Launch”

  1. Jeremy says:

    Very cool! Wish i could attend!

  2. stornel says:

    ¿Only in english? Any in spanish?

  3. [...] Open Video Conference (June 19-20): Website Launch [...]

  4. Интересно, а есть хоть кто-то, кто не согласен с автором? :)

  5. Да уж По-моему, минусы значительно превосходят плюсы. Думаю, не стоит заморачиваться.

  6. This is very up-to-date information. I think I’ll share it on Digg.
    p.s. Year One is already on the Internet and you can watch it for free.

  7. server says:

    I don't know how to catch up. What do I do to get back in the race as quickly as possible?

  8. nadya says:

    I just woke up from a very

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