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Summer @ PCF: Seeking Miro Content/Conference Intern

March 19th, 2009 by Dean Jansen

Great opportunity: summer PCF internship in New York City. You’ll be focusing primarily on content discovery, promotion, and outreach for Miro Guide. Also, we’ll need a lot of help coordinating the Open Video Conference, which is slated for June 19-20. This internship is guaranteed to be dynamic, fast paced, challenging, and exciting.

You must be: sharp, tech savvy, highly articulate, and self-motivated. Also, please have good taste in online and independent media. Finally, be ready to work hard.

firefox009Badass secret workbase: we’ve got some amazing space in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. It’s not all ours, in fact I’m the only PCF’er working from the space, but it IS pure awesome. It used to be an auto-shop, but it has been converted with a loft, woodshop, lounge, and other essential goodies. Everyone there is working on something cool: startups, tech non-profits (Fred from Creative Commons is there), freelance design, and so on. A guaranteed highlight of your summer.

Your commitment: We’d like you to commit 40 hours per week, some of which would be from the Brooklyn workspace. This position is unpaid, but I know a lot of schools offer credit for this type of thing — some schools even offer stipends to students working unpaid internships (ask your nearest guidance counselor).

What You’ll be Doing

Wrangling for the Open Video Conference: This is going to mean working with Elizabeth Stark, Ben Moskowitz, and me on pretty much every aspect of the conference. Projects may include: interfacing with speakers and participants to help them coordinate their travel, blogging announcements, working with conference partners/sponsors, helping us wrangle a volunteer crew for the conference itself, and lots more. It’ll be a super dynamic fast paced thing — should be a lot of fun.

Content/marketing work with Miro: You’ll be doing some serious content curation in the Miro Guide. So finding and promoting really awesome internet video, establishing relationships with creators, and so on. Ultimately, we’d like to refactor our curatorial process —leveraging user opinion, 3rd party tastemakers, and other sources of content discovery— Ideally, you’re capable of helping us with that refactoring. This is the position of a lifetime for a serious video junkie (the guide has over a million unique users a month).

Lemme at it!

If this sounds like you, please send me (dean at pculture.org) an email with: super brief bio, statement of interest, and a resume. It’ll really help if you have specific examples of projects you’ve been involved with, so also include URL’s (just make sure you mention what your role was).

Note: the start date is flexible — let us know when you’re available.

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5 Responses to “Summer @ PCF: Seeking Miro Content/Conference Intern”

  1. Jake says:

    Hopefully the intern will be open minded enough to find political content that is somewhere to the right of Karl Marx.

  2. DeanJansen says:

    Interestingly, we got an application from Adam Smith.

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  4. BaLaM says:

    Даа… После прочтения даже мне тема стала интересна.

  5. Очень даже любопытно. В особенности третья.

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