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Adopt a Line of Miro Code!

April 28th, 2009 by Nicholas Reville


Today we are launching what I think is a brand new model for funding open-source projects; we’re asking our users to adopt a line of Miro source code to help us keep improving the software. It’s a little bit like Tamagochi pets meets Open Source. Check out the new Miro Adoption Center >>

Miro Buddy

Not coincidentally, we are launching this new effort at a very important time for Miro. Over the past few months, we’ve seen the number of Miro users triple with the release of Miro 2.0. But during that same time, the foundations that fund non-profit organizations like ours have seen their endowments drop dramatically, and they are giving less. As a result, we are facing a very serious budget challenge this year. I want to seize this moment to turn our funding model completely on its head.

Having our users ‘adopt’ lines of code means that they will come to own and support Miro in a more direct way than ever before. As a non-profit, we have a social and public mission built into our organization. As free and open-source software, the tools we create are open for anyone to change and reuse. It would be incredible to have a truly bottom up funding base as well.

To make it all possible, we have created the all-new and very cute Miro Adoption Center, where you can adopt a line of Miro code for just $4 a month. When you adopt, you’ll get: an official adoption page, a cute image of your line of code (watch it grow over the year), badges for your blog or website, and your name will be listed in the ‘about’ box in every copy of Miro (more than 5 million downloads a year).

Please take a moment to check out the Adoption Center and make a little tiny piece of Miro your own!

proud parents

44 Responses to “Adopt a Line of Miro Code!”

  1. Great idea and good luck! Finally an Open source project with some marketing guts!

    It's just that $4/month seems a bit high (that's $50/year, comparable to a commercial purchase price).

  2. gaspard says:

    huh what if your line of code has a bug…

    what if your line of code gets removed/optimized/etc

    do you get a different line?

  3. [...] 估计个人是不会掏腰包来买的,但是这个方式也是算是一个新的创举了,但是毕竟收养的是源码,从某些意义来说还是蛮值得,但是在版权上有点感觉摸棱两可,仅仅是“感谢名单之列”,很耐人寻味啊。感兴趣的可以到官方博客内看一下,也可以直接去”收养“了,支持贝宝。 [...]

  4. Sorry, forgot all relevant links:

    Gamblers of the world unite!
    Support those who run your gamez on teh interwebz!
    Help open source software projecz!
    Viva la revolucion!

  5. [...] Foundation (FFC), que son quienes están detrás del desarrollo de Miro, dicen que el proyecto es el primero en su tipo y creen que es una oportunidad para disponer de una verdadera plataforma de financiamiento. Fuente: [...]

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  7. Johan Lundström says:

    I'd like to be able to choose my line of code.

  8. iljab says:

    think companies should be interested in this opportunity to show willing to support Open Source community

  9. Dave says:

    This is such a good idea, I hope it is successful! The graphics on the adoption page are very nice. I think monthly sponsorship is a smart and easy way for users to continue ongoing funding for the project.

    Our donation also helps promote open and independent media, a cause that I strongly believe deserves our support.

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  11. Pike says:

    I think it is a cute and clever idea. ^_^

  12. This brand new model is quite interesting. It's always a good idea to increase interactions with users, especially donors, to give them back some information about the project life and their donations.

    FYI, I have imagined some close funding model. Read my 2 posts:
    - "Revisiting donation/funding for open source projects – let's talk about FDD" : http://www.jroller.com/dmdevito/entry/revisiting_…
    - "Another idea for Funding-Driven Development (FDD) – for Firefox and OpenOffice" : http://www.jroller.com/dmdevito/entry/another_ide…

    I like you have tried a new model. To quote Einstein (according to my memories): "if you except something new in your life, just try to do also something new".

  13. As an adoptive parent of two human children, I'm _supposed_ to be opposed to stuff like this (because, in theory, it trivializes the concept of adoption — whatever). But as a coder and publishing exec and general fan of opensource and not-for-profits, I think it's a great idea! In fact, it's even analogous to international/transracial adoption (my kids are Chinese, I'm not), because I code almost exclusively in semicolon-delimited languages, whereas the newest member of my family (LilBoo Jainschigg, a.k.a. "line 1385 of root/tags/Miro-2.0.4/tv/portable/item.py") is a Python conditional!

    I suppose this means I need to learn Python, huh? Oh, well – my Mandarin is getting pretty good, I guess it was inevitable. I'm sure there's a parents' group online that can help, e.g., "Families with Children from Python."

  14. Atmotojen says:

    Hi There,

    Informative! i’ll definately return in future :)


  15. Babylya says:

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