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Meet Orim: The Miro Monster

April 30th, 2009 by Nicholas Reville


One of the cute buddies that you might get if you adopt a line of code will look like Orim, Miro’s official anti-mascot. Orim is a skeptical little monster with a suspicious resemblance to Miro’s logo.

Orim was created by Maurine Brower, the mother of PCF intern and volunteer Jason Brower. Maurine runs Homespun Harvest where you can buy your very own handmade Miro monster. They are awesome.

Also look for Orim sneaking around on the front of our website and in the Miro Guide. PCF coder Chris Webber drew this depiction of Orim preparing to deal what we can only assume will be a fatal blow to traditional top-down television:


4 Responses to “Meet Orim: The Miro Monster”

  1. DeanJansen says:

    Thanks for the catch, Dave!

  2. I like this blog very..

  3. forex says:

    Very nice to meet you Orim! You are a cute monster.

  4. DoFollow says:

    Indeed a cute moster,who would be scared ?:)

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