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The Open Video Conference was awesome.

Monday, June 22nd, 2009

creative commons photos from flickr users ekai and ccLearn

creative commons photos from flickr users ekai and ccLearn

Big congratulations to Dean and Elizabeth and Ben and all the other folks that worked so hard organizing the Open Video Conference this weekend. It was *fantastic*. There were wonderful speakers and more than 700 participants, a surge of interest in open video that was way beyond what we expected when we started working on this a year ago.

Best of all, it felt less like a conference and more like the start of a real movement; everyone was palpably excited. What makes open source, open standards, and open sharing so fun to work on is that we’re all building pieces of an open vision of the world, with each part working together. The Open Video Conference wasn’t a trade show of proprietary products– it was a huddle for everyone on Team Open to get ready for the next big push.

Getting 2.5 ready for launch

Thursday, June 4th, 2009

Our next release, Miro-2.5 is getting closer to launch and we are looking for people to help us test the lastest nightly builds.

As Nicholas mentioned before, this release has some serious speed and memory improvements.  Much of this was accomplished by changes to the database.  To make testing less risky, we have implemented automatic database backups prior to upgrade. Check out the Database Backup page on the testing blog for more details on backup and restore.

A few more of the upcoming features such as library organization changes and improvements to the audio experience are listed here.

Help us prepare another successful release of Miro!

Download for Windows — Download for Mac — Download Source

Test Miro: Use the latest pre-release version — and if you’ve got some time to help us run a few tests,  running the regression tests makes it easier to track the testing coverage.

  1. Download the most current testing version of Miro 2.5
  2. (optional) Back up your Miro database… better safe than sorry.
  3. Install your pre-release.
  4. Help us run tests. Get started with the easy to follow guide for testing miro.

Translate Miro: As many of you know, Miro and the Miro Guide are 100% volunteer translated. If you know any non-English languages, then we’d love to have you translate and/or refine the existing translations. Instructions for helping translate >>

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