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Help test an almost final Miro 2.5!

July 4th, 2009 by Nicholas Reville

Miro 2.5 is virtually complete, and we’re putting extra emphasis on testing for this version, because there are a lot of changes to the database code (changes which make Miro faster to launch and easier to hack on).

If you are a daring Miro user, your testing help in the next couple days would be extremely helpful. If you see any bugs, definitely let us know! As always, beta versions are incomplete and could have serious bugs, so only proceed if you are willing to have things get weird.

Miro 2.5 testing versions: Windows, Mac, source.

You can post a comment on this blog post or report a bug.

We are especially looking for any problems with upgrading from Miro 2.0.5 to this version. If you lose your feeds or if Miro refuses to start up, please tell us! And if you really know your stuff, send along your database to jed@pculture.org so we can see what went wrong. (You also should be able to restore your database from the backups that Miro automatically creates on upgrade.)

Thanks everyone! Look for an RC in the next couple days and the full release shortly after that.

13 Responses to “Help test an almost final Miro 2.5!”

  1. forex says:

    "As always, beta versions are incomplete and could have serious bugs, so only proceed if you are willing to have things get weird." Does this mean my computer can explode??.. :-) What's the worst that can happen? If it's not anything crazy I have no problem testing it out.

  2. nicholasPCF says:

    The worst things that probably could happen are: Miro could forget all the feeds that you are subscribed to, it could refuse to open (to fix, you would just have to delete the database file and then it would start over again), or it potentially could delete some videos that you have in your Miro folder. We haven't seen these problems recently, so it's hypothetical, but that's why we're testing!

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  5. argus says:

    i noticed it crashes a lot when watching the TED feeds

  6. keith says:

    Maybe the video search is a wip or something, but it is kinda bad. For example, whne I search for Burn Notice I get a lot of other titles, plus it will display at about a third of the way down the list initially. Then after a few seconds it changes the list, sometimes discarding the initial results that looked correct.

  7. keith says:

    miro_downloader is consistently crashing after about 10 seconds after Miro is launched. It was working earlier until torrents came to a crawl, and I noticed I had not setup my router for port forwarding. That's when the crashes seemed to have started. I reverted all router changes, but Miro downloader is still crashing and will not download anything.

  8. keith says:

    The problem is definitely related to turning 'auto port forwarding' off in the preferences. As long as this is on it does not crash, however I believe this is supposed to be turned off when port forwarding is done on the router, correct?

  9. Poul Hansen says:

    Miro was working perfect until I said Yes to updating to the latest version (2.5). Now it consistently makes windows Vista crash whenever I open the program…..

  10. Tim says:

    Cant run after install. Get unknown error message.
    using XP .. Dont work.

    • Sumanth says:

      I too get this unknown error. I tried uninstalling 2.5 and switch back to 2.0, it didn't work either. It's strange that miro doesn't at all wok for me now, even though i tried re-installing several times.

  11. Dry says:

    Dear developers, you should focus on speed up lunching process of the application. It seems to me that the more higher version I install the more time requires to lunch. That pisses me off.

  12. nicholasPCF says:

    Dry– miro 2.5 is much faster to launch that miro 2.0 (the first time you run it, it may take a while to upgrade, but the second time it should be much faster).

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