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Help Test Miro 2.5 Release Candidate

July 6th, 2009 by Nicholas Reville

Things have been looking pretty solid for Miro 2.5 over the past couple days, so we have just posted a release candidate, which you can download and test here: release candidates.

As I said in my previous post, please let us know about any bugs you find and especially anything serious, like upgrade problems.

6 Responses to “Help Test Miro 2.5 Release Candidate”

  1. Victor says:

    Ok ok…i have certain issues with miro. And i will tell the here (what iam missing ect).

    First of all. U need to know that iam using Fedora 11. So it might be OS specifik problem?

    Well, first of all. When i installed Miro thru yum repository. It created 2 directories in my home folder. Desktop and Videos. The problem is that iam not using English fedora, so my desktop dir is named something else. And also, in fedora the video dir already exist. But its Video, not Videos (with 's' in the end). Check out ~/.config/user-dirs.dirs for interesting folders (dunno if that file is gnome specifik).

    Lets pretend iam downloading a serie of movie. Then i wold like to have the first episode first. Where is a setting to choose wich files inside a torrent to download first?
    More options. If i have many torrents. I might prefer to have unlimited upload speed on some of them?

    In playback. Please add subtitles! Iam stilll using vlc for playback, asi can have subtitles.

    And so, you've done a great job. Nice app!

  2. Empleyfire says:

    Would be really nice if you made a open file in explorer for the windows based version of Miro.
    I have some problems whit some videos that flickers and turns green.
    (a player problem i guess).
    I played the movie files in VLC and no problems there.

  3. Empleyfire says:

    OH i forgot to tell i’m using v2.0 and sometimes my miro stops responding after a video is watched to the end.

  4. bruno neyra says:

    i wanted to help, i'm running ubuntu 9.04, are there any instructions to compile?

  5. adam says:

    First of can some one explain to me why it deleted 13.6gig of my video podcast and know I'm left with basically no video podcast… i think a big warning should be posted on the fact that by updating you will lose all downloaded material …

    you think just re downloaded ya right it all mix stuff and 13 gig is a lot…

    now it load really fast because there not to be load database is at it minimum …

    if i would know then what i know now i would never update … from now on i will never update again … it work fine for me just the way it was …

    F….. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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