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4 ways to download media files (including torrents) within Miro

Thursday, July 23rd, 2009

With the release of Miro 2.5, the ‘Sites’ section of the Miro sidebar has become a very powerful tool. Add any website to the Miro sidebar and then download videos or audio files with a single click.

To add a site, just go to the Sidebar menu and pick ‘add site’ and enter the web address. Here are 4 great ways to make use of this feature:

Torrent Sites

Add a bittorrent website to the Miro sidebar and then browse the site as you normally would. Click a torrent file and Miro will start the download instantly. When it’s done, just click to watch. It’s the world’s simplest way to use torrents (and a good way to teach friends how).


Download YouTube Videos

If you add YouTube in the Sites section, you can browse and watch videos– when you find one that you want to download, simply click the ‘Download this video’ button at the top of the page. Miro will download the highest quality file that YouTube offers for that video.


Music Blogs

Add an MP3 blog to the Miro sidebar and click on a song or album to download it right into your audio library.


Video Download Sites

Any site that links to video files, in this example Archive.org, will work great in the sidebar. Click the link to the video file and it downloads into your video library.


Help Test Miro 2.5 Release Candidate

Monday, July 6th, 2009

Things have been looking pretty solid for Miro 2.5 over the past couple days, so we have just posted a release candidate, which you can download and test here: release candidates.

As I said in my previous post, please let us know about any bugs you find and especially anything serious, like upgrade problems.

Help test an almost final Miro 2.5!

Saturday, July 4th, 2009

Miro 2.5 is virtually complete, and we’re putting extra emphasis on testing for this version, because there are a lot of changes to the database code (changes which make Miro faster to launch and easier to hack on).

If you are a daring Miro user, your testing help in the next couple days would be extremely helpful. If you see any bugs, definitely let us know! As always, beta versions are incomplete and could have serious bugs, so only proceed if you are willing to have things get weird.

Miro 2.5 testing versions: Windows, Mac, source.

You can post a comment on this blog post or report a bug.

We are especially looking for any problems with upgrading from Miro 2.0.5 to this version. If you lose your feeds or if Miro refuses to start up, please tell us! And if you really know your stuff, send along your database to jed@pculture.org so we can see what went wrong. (You also should be able to restore your database from the backups that Miro automatically creates on upgrade.)

Thanks everyone! Look for an RC in the next couple days and the full release shortly after that.

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