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Update Available: Miro 2.5.2

July 31st, 2009 by janet


Miro 2.5.2 contains some important updates to Miro 2.5, including fixes for slow-to-start youtube downloads, incorrect data expiration and other bug fixes.

We strongly recommend that all users update.

Download Miro 2.5.2

12 Responses to “Update Available: Miro 2.5.2”

  1. jed_pcf says:

    and yes, ubuntu too.

  2. Jamez says:

    How come the keyboard shortcuts for play/pause, and skip forward/back don't work for Audio podcasts???

  3. --- says:

    Actually it looks like no keyboard shortcuts work for audio podcasts

    • jed_pcf says:

      For 2.5 we implemented non-context sensitive shortcuts so that they would be for available for audio, but not affect navigating through the UI or text entry.

      So for audio, the spacebar doesn't work for play / pause. However for volume you use CTRL + Up Arrow and CTRL + Down Arrow. For skip forward and back you can use CTRL + > and CTRL + < respectively.

      • --- says:

        CTRL + Up Arrow / Down Arrow work for volume, but CTRL + > and CTRL + < don't seem to work at all.
        Would it be possible to at least remap skip to CTRL + left /right arrow to make it slightly more consistent with the video podcasts ?

  4. Leslie says:

    Please consider a "silent update" function like the one found in uTorrent. Having to go through the entire process so regularly can be a little frustrating.

  5. Siim Aus says:

    Interestingly, it seems worse than version 2.0.5. It consumes memory, terribly, makes computer very slow and cannot reliably finish download (it completed download, files are ok, but when i closed machine (clean, decent shutdown) and started again, it restarted downloading those files!!!) Also from firefox at least, when opening torrent with default application, nothing happens. This happens when at least one download is active. To add several downloads, i'll have to open them manually from file->open menu option…

  6. Nick says:

    Thanks, program updated and would say my download speed goes up.

  7. Anon says:

    I receive an error stating that there isn't sufficient space to copy the database (I have close to 77GB free on a 222GB on my primary drive and 900GB free out of 1.5TB on my backup drive). This occurs on my primary machine ( the one that I use to watch all of my favourite podcasts etc.) I'm also unhappy with the constant stream of errors when I shut down.

    I've scoured the internet and found several postings by Participatory Culture participants about how to fix the error and nothing seems sucessful not even copying the old "sste?????.bak" files and changing those to new.

    I've tried doing a clean install by removing every trace of Miro I can find on my machine, but the problem still persists? Any suggestions?

  8. David says:

    Every flick I tried to play with Miro launched multiple windows in VLC. Total lock-up after that. Removed Miro: It doesn't play subs, so that combined with the VLC conflict didn't make it worth trying to troubleshoot.

  9. Jon says:

    Oh I wish wish wish that I could just use a computer once in a while without it forever squeaking I'm downloading updates wheee I'm installing updates wheee I'm configuring updates wheee I'm going to restart your computer now wheee. Where do you want to go today? I want to faff around all day updating the updates…

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