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Share That Film with Vodo.net

October 19th, 2009 by anne


Vodo is a promising new project that aims to dismantle the toxic environment of Hollywood PR and film distribution. The venture has already released a fantastic feature film, Us Now, directly to some of the largest video viewing communities online. This particular release has garnered well over 100,000 downloads in less than a week. Vodo aims to have more feature films up within the week.

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Jamie King, director of Steal this FIlm II and mastermind of the operation, realized there was an immense amount of attention that could be pooled together from peer to peer communities (both “pirate” and “non-pirate”). He’s using websites like The Pirate Bay, Minniova, and TorrentFreak as a platform to introduce, distribute, and popularize awesome film. While the Pirate Bay is a thorn in Hollywood’s side, it is also home to millions of avid film fans — it’s the perfect place to catapult filmmakers to international recognition. Vodo also aims to create a real relationship between the film creators and audience, hoping to eventually help support filmmakers financially in their work.

Vodo relies on the premise that for many independent filmmakers, piracy isn’t a big concern, but reaching a wide audience is. King reasons that by spreading the films, they are gaining a grassroots buzz that rivals the hollywood machine.

How does Vodo support the creators whose films they distribute? By including information about how to donate to the creator is every file, along with a link to do so directly. All donations go straight to content creators, letting them cultivate a loyal audience and respond directly to their fans. Vodo itself is supported through membership by subscribers, who in return receive access to films being considered for distribution as well as those already available. Subscribers also vote on which of these films should be picked up by Vodo, and have unprecedented access to producers and directors.

So check out Vodo’s truly independent productions for free today! A regular flow of engaging films is on its way, and you can start with Us Now, an appropriately themed film about the possibilities for participatory government. Come be a part of creating a new system that lets artists and audiences thrive.

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