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Subtitles Success!

October 7th, 2009 by Dean Jansen

We recently asked you to help us fund a programming project to bring basic subtitle support to Miro… and you did! The next major release of Miro will include basic subtitle support for videos.

Thanks so much to those who helped spread the word and donated!

While this basic feature will be awesome, we had additional motives in gauging the community’s interest in subtitle support (and I’m really excited that folks came through). This successful litmus test helps us move forward on our larger subtitling project for standardized subtitle search and delivery. We’ve been talking with friends at Mozilla recently, who are also very interested in this vision of distributed and collaborative subtitles.

Turning distributed subtitling into a ubiquitous standard could be our most ambitious project to-date… stay tuned and thanks again for showing us how much you care!

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