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Video WTF: a new question and answer site for video creators

October 7th, 2009 by Dean Jansen

Video WTF

Today we are launching Video WTF, a new collaborative community site for video creators to ask questions and offer answers for anything related to video production— cameras, editing, publishing, and more.  We think this will be an extremely useful site for the video community at large.  We think WTF really sums up how we feel when we’re stuck on with a camera or editing problem. The site is based on the StackOverflow service, so we think it’ll work well.

We could really use your help getting this new community off the ground!

Here are three things you can do to help:

  1. Tell your friends— mention the site on twitter, blog it, and forward this message to anyone you know who is a video creator or video expert.
  2. Ask questions!  Have a question about video production?  Stuck on something?  Looking for the right tool?  Ask a question.
  3. Offer an answer— take a look at the questions that have already been posted and jump in with an answer.  Here are the questions that have already been asked.

8 Responses to “Video WTF: a new question and answer site for video creators”

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  2. Bryan says:

    I find your choice of name for this to be objectionable.

    There are a number of people in this world who would find employment of swear words in general as offensive, demeaning to the English language, and as exemplary of a person lacking vocabulary.

    For people who choose to keep the English language beautiful and out of the gutter, having "WTF" appear loud and large repeatedly (every time we would choose to use, or connect with, the service) is an unacceptable requirement from your business.

    I urge you to change this now to a more acceptable name and logo. Let's stay out of the gutter, please.


  3. Wilfredo E Cespedes says:

    @Bryan & Bill did you ever hear George Carlin seven words you can’t say on TV or radio? Did you see those seven words in WTF and can I ask you how is it that three letters that have no real pronunciation become offensive? Are those letters limited to your meaning? Why if you think that how much you think of the government speak that neutralizing people is far more acceptable than saying murdering them. That genocide is just getting rid of insurgents? What is language but a tool to communicate and the failure of people who object to three letters are these the same voices that object to a congressman shouting at the President while speaking liar and to boot the one who is lying is the accuser is that language objectionable?

  4. Wilfredo E Cespedes says:

    I do not find the WTF a problem and what is more it is not address to anyone but to the difficulty faced by the community trying to resolve it. This world is ruled by people who exploit the poor and working class and the indigenous people of this world. They have and continue to exercise control in the most perverse way the lives of people around the globe.

  5. SEHerman says:

    I paid $54 and change today because clickbank said this site would provide me live NFL games, just like public and cable broadcasting services. The cost was $34.95 for the premium package, plus $14.95 for additional services and tax. I feel like I have been bamboozled. Conned. Taken to the cleaners. There was no live NFL games on my computer screen. What recourse do I have? How do I fix this? I either want the games or my money back?q

    • DeanJansen says:


      We're not associated with any site that sells Miro — we give both the source code and the application away for free. We hate to hear about this kind of thing happening, but we don't have a lot of recourse. You could try reporting them to the BBB if they're a US based organization.


  6. Whoah! Problems already??

    Maybe WTF means What The Feck? Which in Ireland is a perfectly legitimate word: http://news.scotsman.com/latestnews/What-the-feck…

    Personally I think it's use here is a bit of a gimmick, and will cheapen the perception of the site. Still, a swearword didn't stop FCUK being a runaway success…

    Leaving all that aside, a very nice idea which i shall follow closely and no doubt contribute to.

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