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Miro Community Sites Blossom

Wednesday, November 4th, 2009

Since the public beta launch of Miro Community on Thursday, we’ve been excited to see what kind of sites people would create. And we haven’t been disappointed – already, a variety of sites are testing their wings.


One of the most moving displays of MC’s potential is from tiny Cook County, Minnesota. Danna Mackenzie, the Information Systems Director for Cook County, told me:

“We are the northeastern point of Minnesota, on the Canadian border. Most of our land area is taken up by the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness. We only have one stoplight in the whole county!

When I heard about Miro (via Twitter!) I knew that it was a perfect fit. I am so happy to read about your project and the energy and enthusiasm that is going into supporting the most important connections on the internet….the hyper-local ones!

Danna points out that video is “the new lingua franca of the internet.” As one of the organizers behind the Cook County Ultra Broadband Initiative, she realized Miro Community could be a great way to develop excitement about the possibilities of high-speed internet. Although they haven’t gone public with the site yet, in the future, Danna looks forward to inviting the community to engage with videos of their friends and neighbors. Not only will this site function to bring together community members around broadband access and adoption, it also offers a way for Cook County to develop a new understanding of itself as a community, and to share that community with the rest of the world.

VCASTAlso on the local front is http://vcam.mirocommunity.org/, a beta site created by the folks at Vermont Community Access Media. Already, VCAM’s Miro Community site has made it easier to check out VCAM’s content online, and they see great potential in the site to engage their viewers.

Many folks also jumped at the chance to make a Miro Community site outside of regional groupings. The Opencast Project has had a Miro Community site for over a month now at http://video.opencastproject.org/, compiling all the videos they’ve acquired over the years relating to the use of audiovisual content in academia. Miro Community has allowed Opencast to bring together videos from a variety of sources – from University material to YouTube video – all in one place. Having easily created an elegant video website, Opencast is a great example of how many organizations can start using Miro Community.

WomozNew Miro Community sites also include Womoz, for the newly minted Women & Mozilla project, A site for all things GNOME, Hackerlab, and many more. Other groups and organizations are just beginning to experiment with Miro Community for a variety of uses. One family thought to use MC as a way to bring together their family videos, while an international nonprofit is considering how curation could work for them. At http://videobloggers.mirocommunity.org/, videoblogger Jay Dedman explains, “Our community is playing a game where we each post a video a day for the month of November. Remix fun ensues.” We can’t wait to see what they come up with!

We’re only just beginning to see what Miro Community can be. Have an awesome example of an MC site? Email anne[a]pculture.org and let us know – we want to hear about all the innovative video communities you are creating.

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