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Miro 2.5.4 released!

December 4th, 2009 by janet

Miro 2.5.4 fixes bugs on all platforms and makes some key updates on Windows that improve torrent performance and compatibility for Windows 7.   All users should update.

In particular, this release fixes some data issues, including a case where invalid torrent files could cause database problems.  Additionally we have updated to vlc 1.0.3 which addresses video quality issues on Windows 7 and we have updated libtorrent which should greatly improve torrent performance on all versions of Windows.

The complete list of bug fixes is available in the release notes.

You can download this version directly from our website.  We will turn on the automatic updates for windows and mac in a few days.

We strongly recommend that all users update now.

16 Responses to “Miro 2.5.4 released!”

  1. PhoenixP3K says:

    Thanks for updating! I had found the video playback quality under Windows 7 so bad I had to play the files via Windows Media Player.

    Thanks for still providing us with a great product!

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  3. Patrick O'Reilly says:

    It keeps telling me that it is updating my database then it says there isn't enough disk space to upgrade and to try deleting some files. (but from where) the program fails to start.

  4. @HenryDubb says:

    Couldn't tell, was there any updates for Ubuntu. Sites still not working.

  5. sheemer says:

    This update seems really really happy to me and perhaps other Japanese fans. For these months and over several version updates (since before the drastic change of the interface), Miro did not work in my environment because it evoked some euc_jp related error and virtually unusable. Now 2.5.4 looks healthy but I have a concern. The changelog doesn't have any mention about it and I have a worry that this normalization is just an accidental fix done by a patch for another problem. Please check this if this fix is not included or intended specifically. During that bad time I had to use LangSwitch.app to start Miro.
    Thanks for your update!

  6. Helen says:

    "unknown publisher" on update 2.5.4?!

  7. John says:

    When I tried to install Miro for the first time ever, I got an error message saying it needed an administrator account which is the type of account being used – Windows Xp with automatic updates. I also got the unkown publisher issue for update 2.5.4

  8. sheemer says:

    Well same error recurred. Now Miro is basically unusable in Japanese environment. It's something related with eucjp encoding. If I use LangSwitch.app and start Miro under the app, it goes fine. Here is the console message:
    My environment is MacOS 10.2.6 on Dell mini 10v (Yes it's hackintosh.)
    09/12/30 0:10:28[0x0-0x2d02d].org.participatoryculture.Miro[309]WARNING Unhandled exception: OC_PythonException
    09/12/30 0:10:28[0x0-0x2d02d].org.participatoryculture.Miro[309]Checking Miro preferences and support migration…
    09/12/30 0:10:28[0x0-0x2d02d].org.participatoryculture.Miro[309]Traceback (most recent call last):
    09/12/30 0:10:28[0x0-0x2d02d].org.participatoryculture.Miro[309] File "/Applications/Miro.app/Contents/Resources/__boot__.py", line 31, in ?
    09/12/30 0:10:28[0x0-0x2d02d].org.participatoryculture.Miro[309] _run('Miro.py')
    09/12/30 0:10:28[0x0-0x2d02d].org.participatoryculture.Miro[309] File "/Applications/Miro.app/Contents/Resources/__boot__.py", line 28, in _run
    09/12/30 0:10:28[0x0-0x2d02d].org.participatoryculture.Miro[309] execfile(path, globals(), globals())
    09/12/30 0:10:28[0x0-0x2d02d].org.participatoryculture.Miro[309] File "/Applications/Miro.app/Contents/Resources/Miro.py", line 155, in ?
    09/12/30 0:10:28[0x0-0x2d02d].org.participatoryculture.Miro[309] launchApplication()
    09/12/30 0:10:28[0x0-0x2d02d].org.participatoryculture.Miro[309] File "/Applications/Miro.app/Contents/Resources/Miro.py", line 109, in launchApplication
    09/12/30 0:10:28[0x0-0x2d02d].org.participatoryculture.Miro[309] OSXApplication().run()
    09/12/30 0:10:28[0x0-0x2d02d].org.participatoryculture.Miro[309] File "miro/plat/frontends/widgets/application.pyo", line 76, in run
    09/12/30 0:10:28[0x0-0x2d02d].org.participatoryculture.Miro[309] File "miro/plat/frontends/widgets/tableview.pyo", line 295, in drawInteriorWithFrame_inView_
    09/12/30 0:10:28[0x0-0x2d02d].org.participatoryculture.Miro[309] File "miro/frontends/widgets/style.pyo", line 865, in render
    09/12/30 0:10:28[0x0-0x2d02d].org.participatoryculture.Miro[309] File "miro/frontends/widgets/style.pyo", line 835, in pack_all
    09/12/30 0:10:28[0x0-0x2d02d].org.participatoryculture.Miro[309] File "miro/frontends/widgets/style.pyo", line 484, in pack_right
    09/12/30 0:10:28[0x0-0x2d02d].org.participatoryculture.Miro[309] File "miro/displaytext.pyo", line 141, in release_date
    09/12/30 0:10:28[0x0-0x2d02d].org.participatoryculture.Miro[309] File "miro/displaytext.pyo", line 47, in strftime_to_unicode
    09/12/30 0:10:28[0x0-0x2d02d].org.participatoryculture.Miro[309]LookupError: unknown encoding: eucjp
    09/12/30 0:10:29Miro[309]Miro Error
    09/12/30 0:10:29Miro[309]Miro Error
    An unexpected error has occurred during execution of the main script

    LookupError: unknown encoding: eucjp
    ======(snip here d/t log too long)

  9. chris says:

    Hi, Now unable to use miro after updating – error message – not enough disk space. Plenty free.
    Any help available?

  10. pbn says:

    Still having the miro database error as well, is there a fix in the works? Miro used to work great before the latest update.

    • jed_pcf says:

      pbn – it would be helpful if you could send me an email detailing the database error you are seeing. You can use the link in the comment above to locate your database and logs files and send them to jed@pcutlure.org.

  11. Jason says:

    okay here is my problem with Miro 2.5.4, after installing I click on run Miro and it doesn't run, I tried to look it on my computer but it doesn't appear! Like if didn't installed it! I already installed it 3 times and it doesn't show up after installation! like if I didn't installed in the first place! whats going on? why doesn't Miro appear on my PC?

    I'm using windows 7 ultimate 64 bits version, can someone help me out and tell me why miro says that it has been installed while it didn't? please help me.

  12. samer says:

    miro is not starting i have the 2.5.4
    what can i do to fix this error
    error has occurred during execution of the main script
    am useing mac os x 10.4.11
    do i need to update something
    am not good in software thigs but i really wanna use this mire please help

  13. Ajay says:

    hi, i have installed Miro 2.5.4 on WIN7 64bit OS… But now the problem is, Miro pops up a message after 2-3mins saying "miro has stopped working"

    can anyone help me ???

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