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Miro Community 0.8.5 Released

December 15th, 2009 by anne

Miro Community 0.8.5 has been released!

Version 0.8.5 has some exciting new features and has cleaned up some bugs both above and below the surface. Some of the changes include:

*Updated Category Pages – You can now see a list of subcategories within a category, and see all videos in a category in chronological order, regardless of subcategory.

*Updated Submission Process - We’ve worked to make the video submission process a little smoother, by adding some explanatory text and breaking up the process. We’ve also added the opportunity for those submitting a video to leave their email address so that administrators can contact them with any questions, or just know where the videos are coming from. Users should be aware that if a user is logged in, Miro Community will automatically record which videos they are submitting.

*Guiding Signs for new sites – There are now cards for newly created sites that lead you through setting up your Miro Community site.

*Automatic User Creation – When videos are submitted to the site from YouTube, blip.tv, or Vimeo, a user is now automatically created based on the username of the video host, allowing users to track videos by a certain user across sites, whether they’re individually submitted or added via a feed. If these users want to access the Miro Community site, you only need to add a password for their account.

*Date Listing Option – You can now choose to have videos dated by the time they were submitted to the Miro Community site, instead of the time they were posted online. This option is available on the Design Settings page.

*Get Notified of New Videos – By popular request, we have added the option to email admins when there are new items in your queue, and/or when a new video is submitted by a user. You can find this option on the Design Settings page. Be aware that all administrators/Super Users will receive an email if this option is checked. There are also RSS feeds available for submitted items and items in your review queue, the links for which are available through the To Be Reviewed page.

*Increased Ogg Theora Support – Miro Community has always supported Ogg Theora (as one of the founders of the Open Video Alliance, we’re very committed to it!), but we’ve added a few extra pieces of support, including notifications on Ogg Theora videos in unsupportive browsers.

We’ve also fixed a variety of bugs and continue to work hard behind the scenes to support all the great Miro Community sites that are flourishing!

So, if you could change or improve one thing about Miro Community, what would it be?

As always, please feel free to email me with any questions about your Miro Community site at anne[a]pculture.org. You can find out more about Miro Community at http://www.mirocommunity.org, and take a look at the code itself at https://git.participatoryculture.org/localtv.

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