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Announcing the Miro Video Converter!

March 25th, 2010 by Nicholas Reville

Today we are launching the new Miro Video Converter, which I think is, by far, the easiest way to convert almost any video to MP4, Theora or for a specific device like an Android phone, iPhone, iPod, or PSP.

The goal of Miro Video Converter is to give people an easy, fast, and intuitive way to convert videos. Most video converters out there have dozens of baffling settings about how to encode the video. Miro Video Converter is all about trying to do less- it has virtually no features. Just pick your file and choose what format or device you want to convert it to. It works.

For fans of open-source freedom, the application is especially important because it’s the only simple desktop application we know of that encodes the latest, high quality Ogg Theora videos.

And here’s a closer look at our beautiful Miro Video Converter logo, by our designer Morgan Knutson. As you can see, he did a great job building on the style of the Miro logo that Jon Hicks made with us a few years ago.

A few more notes for geeks:

a. Miro Video Converter (MVC) is based on FFMPEG, a very powerful video engine. You can read more about our conversion settings here. These are a work in progress.

b. For Theora conversion, MVC uses ffmpeg2theora, which has the latest and greatest theora encoding, with excellent quality.

c. The source-code is licensed under the GPL and can be found here. It was coded in partnership with 8 Planes, an outstanding team of coders.

19 Responses to “Announcing the Miro Video Converter!”

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  2. Karlo says:

    Where do I find the linux version?

  3. Nicholas Reville says:

    hi karlo– there’s no linux version yet, though of course you can run ffmpeg and ffmpeg2theora from the command line.

  4. Karlo says:

    Nicholas, that’s nothing new, is it ;)

  5. Will says:

    Please have it remember the format last used.

  6. Nicholas Reville says:

    Will– that’s definitely on our list, it should happen in the next version or two. We also want to let people choose the directory that they save in. But generally, we’re trying to minimize options and keep it really really simple.

  7. Ian says:

    If you’re looking for a linux version, or just want a cross platform video conversion tools built around FFMPEG, take a look at Handbrake.

  8. bigbrovar says:

    Ok lets gets this straight. Miro video converter helps free and open source loving people to convert their proprietary format to free and open formats like Theora, Miro video converter is an open source tool, based on free software (ffmpeg) But only runs on a proprietary platform (windows, mac) and not on a platform which is used by the very people who would want to convert proprietary format to open one (Linux) hmmm

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  13. harc says:

    the lack of a compiled linux version is bad enough, at least use a user agent check to display the source and some proper instructions on compiling…
    I understand that developing for linux might be considered an extra cost, but as somebody already pointed out it’s quite silly to speak of free culture and then only provide easy “OMG FLOSS!” solutions for propriety systems.

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  15. Jeff says:

    “Miro Video Converter has encountered a problem and needs to close. We
    are sorry for the inconvenience.”

    I gotta problem and no info to help solve it.

    Tried .mpg .mov and .wmv, they all failed.
    Tried converting to Droid and Theora, they both failed.

    All videos play fine in Miro. So I’m guessing the correct codec is installed.

    Anything else I should try?

    • Jon says:

      I’v got the same problem. I’m running win7 and when MVC half way converting it just crashes without a message. Atleast I’d get half the file I tried to convert up and running with vlc.
      FTR, I tried both wmw avi and mp4 videos.

  16. borges says:

    Can you guys please add a subtitle embed option?

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