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Miro 3.0!! Faster, louder, smoother, subtitles!

March 25th, 2010 by Nicholas Reville

Miro 3.0 Released

Big news today! We are releasing Miro 3.0, a major new version that is faster and has a whole bunch of new features and polish.

Download Miro 3.0

Aaannnndddddd… we’re also announcing a totally new application called Miro Video Converter! Read my post announcing Miro Video Converter for all the details.

Here’s a quick list of the biggest things that are new in Miro 3:

  • Subtitles!
    If subtitles are embedded or in the same folder as your video, they will be available automatically in a new drop-down menu. Or pick any subtitle file.
  • Faster Faster Faster!
    Miro is faster and snappier in all sorts of ways from downloading torrents to deleting lots of files. For example, launching Miro is over 150% faster! Downloading torrents is faster!
  • Louder Louder Louder!
    The maximum volume for videos is now at least twice as high. Really nice for laptops.
  • Edit file info
    Easily change the title, description, and category of a file.
  • Play Externally
    We’ve added an option to play all files externally and a right-click menu for single items.

For more details of what’s new, see the Miro 3.0 Release Notes.

Also, Will has created a new Miro User Guide that explains all of Miro’s features.

I’m very excited about this new version of Miro, I think it really takes the application to a new level of smoothness and polish. I’m very proud of how well our small team has been able to keep improving and refining Miro.

Very special thanks to the folks that donated on Kickstarter to support the development of the subtitle feature!

34 Responses to “Miro 3.0!! Faster, louder, smoother, subtitles!”

  1. Isaac says:

    You might want to update your website/home page before you do a blog post, everything still says 2.5!

  2. Jonah says:

    I can’t get this to install (running Win7 Pro 64 bit on an AMD Athlon 64 x2 based system). The installer downloads the installation files, hangs for several minutes, then tells me that Miro failed to install. I tried three times with the same result.

  3. Seif Sallam says:

    This is great guys, but if its possible, could you create something called “Little Miro” which is miro’s Little brother, that can get play quickly.

    The ideas is simply to have a quick way to play, so instead of having Gnome Media Player (VLC) or Totem, Little Miro should just do the job by opening a simple player when i click on the Movie/Video.

    Why is that?
    because not every time i want to watch a movie i will open Miro then try to find where it is. and if i want to go to miro there should be a button in the player to do that. the application should be very simple with the least functionality much like Quick Preview in OS X.

  4. Will says:

    System tray icon (notification icon) context menu (as in right click the icon) is broke on vista sp2 32bit.

    Has weird arrows for scrolling. And does not go away after a right click and you click on nothing. Worst part about it, is that its always on top of other windows too. So you have to click one of the options to make the context menu go away.

    And this comment field on the blog is stretching out into the right sidebar, should fix it..

  5. Ranyodh says:

    This is great. Finally, Miro is usable for me. I tried Miro for a month but it was painfully slow. But now, its snappier and much more faster. Good Work.

  6. David Styles says:

    I am so so slow! Before I get to master (or dabble with a degree of efficiency) there’s an update.

    So this weekend I’ve dedicated a big block of time to get this working.

    Thanks guys – your hard work is really appreciated.

    Lighting something I do know about!

  7. Matt says:

    So I take it Flash now works? Meaning I can subscribe
    to Hulu and YouTube channels?

  8. Matt says:

    Soooo, looks like nothing changed with Flash.

    Flash remains a big fat fail on Ubuntu – question, why are you still promoting YouTube and Hulu when Flash will not (still) work? Seems kind of silly to me, no?

  9. Donna says:

    The changes sound great, but when I ran the version check on my currently installed Miro – Version 2.5.4 (927b1c8d) – it tells me that my version is up to date. However, the info on the Miro website says Miro 3.0 works with OSX 10.4 and up. 10.4 is what I have. Could the reason I do not get a prompt from Miro to update be because I do not have an Intel processor? Mine is a G4 PowerPC. I’d really like to upgrade Miro for the new features & speed, but I know from experience (w/ Firefox) that you can shoot yourself in the foot by upgrading when the version tracker doesn’t prompt you to do so. Please advise.

    • janet says:

      We haven’t turned on the update notification yet. Miro 3 is still supported or os x 10.4.11 and runs fine on my G4.

      • Donna says:

        Thanks for the info. Have you not turned on the update notification b/c you are still working out bugs? If not, what’s the wait? How long until you give notification?

  10. terryj_videohelp_mac says:

    my latest post in the Miro Fourm:

    speed is nice, subtitles are nice, but goddamn, ALPHANUMERIC PLAYLIST SORTING
    would put this app into THIS CENTURY at least.

    I’m not even bothering updating, I’m reverting back to 2.5.4.

    epic FAIL.

  11. owen says:

    sweet. now only if i could install this on my phone, lol. just kidding.

  12. tong+ says:

    This is a great news! I just download and install it. However, I still experience the same old bug 11638 – Vidoes not displayed in thumbnail view when regional setting set to Thai. This bug has been rescheduled from target milestone version several times since Miro 2.3. And it crippled Miro experience for Thai users for quite a long time.

  13. askthecableguy says:

    Do you have plains on a Miro ipad rev?

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  18. jakk_iMac says:

    I’ve been using Miro (OS X 10.5.8) since it’s 2.5 release, and has worked excellently. I upgraded to 3.0 and it’s been quitting itself, and doesn’t restart unless I completely unistall it (with AppCleaner) and reinstalling it. I am going back to 2.5. Is there a chance for a fix, or any other suggestions? Thanks!

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  23. Arunan says:

    Where is the standalone installer? I wish you would bring it back… it makes it much more distributable to friends and family, instead of having to repeatedly download it!

  24. Manko10 says:

    Could you please reset Miro’s volume?
    When I play podcasts, it often blasts away my ears. I always have to turn down the value to its minimum and therefore controlling the volume is like pixel hunting since the first few pixels of the slider make the difference between no sound and exploding speakers.
    I already tried to reduce Miro’s loudness with Pulseaudio but when I change the slider position in Miro the volume immediately jumps up to the maximum. In the long run this must lead to heart attacks.

  25. Joshua says:

    I’m assuming the recent Youtube update has broken all Video podcast clients. Miro and Gpodder both can’t download Youtube videos anymore.

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