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Miro Community 1.0: The easiest way to make a video website

Wednesday, June 30th, 2010

Miro Community - The easiest way to make a video website

Miro Community 1.0 makes it very easy for anyone to quickly build a video website. The videos can come from almost anywhere on the web and be presented in a totally customizable way. Setting up a site takes just a few minutes and finding/importing/managing videos is an incredibly streamlined process—it’s one thing that really sets Miro Community apart from alternative solutions and competitors. Anyone can create a site for free.

We’re already seeing some great uses of Miro Community: it’s powering videos. WDET-TV is a comprehensive online web destination for Detroit videos brought to you by WDET 101.9FM, Detroit Public Radio. SkiddPlayer is a highly-customized Miro Community site for auto-enthusiasts. And Nist.tv is a site featuring feminist videos from all across the web.

Miro Community Feature Highlights:

Bring Videos to Your Site Miro Community helps you leverage existing video from the web, to cover any topic or locale.

Customize Your Site Use CSS to modify your site, or become a premium user and create your own template and URL from the ground up. (details below)

Super Streamlined Management! Bring a YouTube user’s videos into your site automatically. Opt to moderate certain sources video-by-video. Manage videos seamlessly from different sites, including YouTube and Vimeo, as well as through RSS.

Free and Open Source Software Miro Community is licensed under the AGPLv3 and the source code is available here.

New Features for 1.0:

User Profiles Users can edit their own profiles and keep track of the videos they’ve submitted.

Widget System Anyone can embed your Miro Community videos to their site.

Video Submission Bookmarklet A streamlined way for you and your community to add single videos to your site.

More Sharing Options Visitors can share videos from your site to Twitter or Facebook.

Notifications Users can opt for notification when the videos they’ve submitted are approved and when people comment on their videos.

And Lots of Little Improvements Tweaks to the themes, an improved administrative interface, and a bunch more!

Premium Accounts

Premium accounts get fully custom templates, custom domain URL’s, and more. Premium status is currently only available on an application basis. Accepted applicants receive a three-month free trial of premium features (a $300 value); post-trial, sites will have the option to continue the premium service at $99/month. Eligibility is based on curatorial model, business model (ie. we’re not interested in spammers), and organizational structure. We strongly encourage non-profits, educational and cultural organizations, and public/community media outlets to apply. Apply Now.

Start Your Miro Community Site Now

Miro Community has been made possible by a generous grant from the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, which works to advance journalism in the digital age and invest in the vitality of communities.

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