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Miro 3.5 RC1 builds are available

Tuesday, September 28th, 2010


The latest release candidate builds are available here.

What’s New

  • Conversions: Miro allows you to easily convert media to other video/audio formats for your media devices. (Includes batch processing!)
  • Better HTTP downloading performance: We switched to using libcurl for HTTP downloading which is less CPU-intensive and works faster.
  • Improved Library Management: Improvements in tab display, sorting, item views and queued download handling.
  • Subtitle Preferences: Specify the font style and encoding to improve the display of subtitles.
  • Bugs Fixes Galore: Faster torrent restarting, proxy/http authentication, database handling and much more.

Please Help!

We could really use your help in testing these builds.  Please read the testing details, for more testing information.  See the release notes for more information about the changes coming with Miro 3.5.

Open Video Conference 2010 is Looking HOT! (Oct 1&2)

Monday, September 20th, 2010

On October 1st & 2nd, many of us from PCF will be at Open Video Conference 2010.

Open Video Conference

What is the Open Video Conference?

Almost anyone who was at the first Open Video Conference will tell you it was amazing. The number one thing we heard was: the diversity in the audience and the breadth and freshness of the topics made it an incredibly stimulating experience. There were hardcore Free Software activists, alongside career academics, next to people running startups, chatting with remix artists, and so on. Everyone participating spent a lot of energy discussing what exactly “open video” was and why it was important.

What has been happening with open video?

Since last year’s conference, we’ve seen the beginning of a sea-change in the online video ecosystem. Flash, as the dominant delivery mechanism for web video, looks like it may be on the way out. Me too’s, such as Microsoft’s Silverlight, have not gained significant traction. And of course HTML 5 video is beginning to show up more and more in real-world applications. Additionally, Google purchased and released WebM, an open source and royalty free video codec that could become mainstream in the coming years. These are some MAJOR shifts in the landscape that couldn’t have been confidently stated just a year ago.

And long before the first Open Video Conference, hackers at the Xiph Foundation and Mozilla were building the infrastructure that really allowed these changes to occur—we owe a lot to their foresight and hard work!

The Open Video Conference may not be the primary reason all this happened, but we were certainly part of the undercurrent that has since transformed into a wave.

Why will OVC 2010 be awesome?

This year, the Open Video Conference will be just as multi-disciplinary, but much larger in scope. We’ll be further developing the concept of “open video”. We’ll showcase new open video technology, screen some awesome films/remixes, host a lot of inspiring speakers, cover a TON of new ground, and party hard.

One major focus this year will be looking at the implications of net neutrality for online video. Susan Crawford, who is a professor, former advisor to the Obama administration, and former board member of ICANN, will give a keynote speech on the subject. Tim Wu, the man who coined the term “net neutrality” will be weighing in on the topic this year. We’ll also delve into issues of privacy, freedom of speech, business and innovation, film’s transition to the digital world, and much more!

There will also be a mini-track dedicated to learning more about HTML-5 video:

HTML5 video presents new opportunities for businesses, creators, and educational institutions to create compelling rich media experiences, from desktops to mobile phones to new devices like the iPad.

Come take part in a range of seminars and workshops covering how to build an HTML5 player, the current state of advertising and analytics, media accessibility, and more. Plus, get a peek at some next-generation applications that are only possible with open video.

Join the fun!

The slate of speakers looks amazing, the price of admission is incredibly low, and I promise the party will be amazing. If you haven’t registered yet…

Register Now!

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