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Miro 3.5 RC1 builds are available

September 28th, 2010 by janet


The latest release candidate builds are available here.

What’s New

  • Conversions: Miro allows you to easily convert media to other video/audio formats for your media devices. (Includes batch processing!)
  • Better HTTP downloading performance: We switched to using libcurl for HTTP downloading which is less CPU-intensive and works faster.
  • Improved Library Management: Improvements in tab display, sorting, item views and queued download handling.
  • Subtitle Preferences: Specify the font style and encoding to improve the display of subtitles.
  • Bugs Fixes Galore: Faster torrent restarting, proxy/http authentication, database handling and much more.

Please Help!

We could really use your help in testing these builds.  Please read the testing details, for more testing information.  See the release notes for more information about the changes coming with Miro 3.5.

5 Responses to “Miro 3.5 RC1 builds are available”

  1. ахет says:

    what i really would like to see is: way to sync all my feeds between computers / os.

    some shared place where i can keep all rss and keep watched/unwatched state.

    • will says:

      You should write that feature request up in the right place: . Making a comment on a blog post about release candidates and testing is like shouting into your pillow.

  2. imbojay says:

    i have no luck from converting my media to iphone video. Has anyone tried?

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