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Test Miro 3.5 RC3

October 15th, 2010 by janet

RC3 is posted.

Thanks to everyone that has helped with the testing so far. With your help we have tracked down and fixed a few more bugs. If we could please just ask for a few more minutes of your time…

The builds are posted here.

Please try some regression tests

  1. Go to the 3.5 RC3 Test Run in Litmus
  2. Sign in or create a new account
  3. Specify your configuration (OS / Platform and locale)
  4. Choose the Quicktest option
  5. Follow the instructions for the 10 simple tests and record your results.
  6. Log any findings in the comments box.

More Information

Information about the release and additional testing instructions is available on the PCF Testing blog.

6 Responses to “Test Miro 3.5 RC3”

  1. Garaidh says:

    Thanks for Miro, it’s indispensible. Quick question on the RC builds (and 3.0.3 for that matter); what is the “-m” Windows build? I’ve searched for the answer and _think_ it is the compiler used to build but not being that savvy I’m not sure. Thanks.

  2. iPristy says:

    Nice and my first successful build on Linux of them all, no bugs for me but more like a feature request:

    Better encoding for subtitles (ČŠŽĆĐ) or YU standards (Balkan).
    Add option for editing/adding server torrents inside torrent
    3D visual pie chart of torrent status

    • janet (pcf) says:

      Thanks for trying the build. If you are playing a file with subtitles, from the Playback menu, select Subtitles, then encoding.

      You can choose the encoding that matches your file.

  3. Nuno says:

    When can we expect WIRELESS SYNC from MIRO to ANDROID?
    Because that is all that is missing…

  4. iPristy says:

    Thank you…it works!

    One done two to go…

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