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Testing Miro 3.5.1-rc2

December 2nd, 2010 by janet

Miro 3.5.1-rc2 builds are available for osx windowslinux.  We’d love you to help us test it.

This is a bug-fix release and has improvements to conversions, torrent downloading, and resolves some playback issues.  You can see list of fixed bugs in the release notes.

Full details are available on the Current Release Testing page of the PCF wiki.

5 Responses to “Testing Miro 3.5.1-rc2”

  1. nathanael says:

    thought: folders

    after I have watched a video downloaded into Miro, I don’t necessarily want to keep it in the default channel feed. I’d like to categorize it. IE: I might want to move a TEDtalk to a “living green” folder. better yet – I’d like to tag videos so that they can be in multiple locations without multiple copies.

    Does this sound like something you may implement?

  2. ralob says:

    Has Flash video for Linux-based distros been fixed in Miro yet?

  3. clocks says:

    The new release of Miro keeps redownloading all my old podcasts, even back into 2008 and 2009. Is this a bug. Anyone have a fix? I have reinstalled it twice, but it keeps doing it…..thanks

  4. Moss Bliss says:

    The last two times I upgraded Miro, I specifically told it to NOT install the Bing toolbar or change any of my settings. Both times, it did so anyhow. Yes, I only had to uninstall it, BUT I TOLD IT NOT TO INSTALL IN THE FIRST PLACE.

    You must really be getting lots of MickeySoft money to be doing this.

  5. Aaron says:

    Thanks for adding mkv conversion support! I REALLY wish that I could set certain feeds (if not all) to automatically convert to a format (.mp4 for my appleTV, for example). It’s so nice to have conversion built in, but why not go the extra step and don’t make me come back to my computer to check if the file is done and click ‘convert’.

    We’re so close, Miro! You’ve almost accomplished what no one has easily done! One stop/one step downloading and conversion!

    Thanks guys! Beautiful work so far!

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