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Join us at the National Conference for Media Reform (April 8-10, Boston)

March 22nd, 2011 by Dean Jansen

Quite a few of us from PCF will be attending the upcoming NCMR in Boston and I wanted to reach out in advance and invite you to join us (be sure to check out the discount code below). Also, PCF’s Anne Jonas will be speaking on two panels, so we need you to help support her!

About the Conference

The National Conference for Media Reform, Free Press’ flagship conference of bringing 2,500 media makers, activists, educators and policymakers, is next month (April 8-10) in Boston.

It’s the biggest event in the country that tackles what is arguably the biggest issue in the country: the state of our media.

They have a great lineup of more than 300 presenters confirmed, many of whom you’ll be familiar with, including: Lawrence Lessig, former White House tech adviser Susan Crawford, Harvard’s Jonathan Zittrain, Columbia law professor (and FTC adviser) Tim Wu, Craig Newmark of craigslist, and many others.

They’ll be talking about things like the future of online video; how to protect the open Internet; the threat to free expression posed by Facebook, Twitter and Apple; mobile phones and democracy; the future of news; fair use and copyright; and much more.

Plus, they’re offering a discount for anyone who follows Miro or the Participatory Culture Foundation. To register, go here and the use promo code PCF_NCMR.

To learn more about the conference, go to http://conference.freepress.net

2 Responses to “Join us at the National Conference for Media Reform (April 8-10, Boston)”

  1. It is good that the national conference is bringing media activists together. This meet up may allow new ideas to be worked upon

  2. This conference may generate some new ideas and allow media activists to be friends with each other

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