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Miro 4 RC1 posted – testing needed!

May 14th, 2011 by admin

Help us in the home-stretch of Miro 4 testing by download our new Release Candidate.

Please tell us if you run into any problems!!

Miro 4 RC1 Downloads

Miro 4 RC1 for OSX
Miro 4 RC1 for Windows
Miro 4 RC1 for Linux

7 Responses to “Miro 4 RC1 posted – testing needed!”

  1. Spencer Joplin says:

    Does the crash reporter count for “tell us if you run into any problems”? I don’t want to double-report any crashes.

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  4. admin says:

    Spencer– yes, the crash reporter should do it, but it’s always helpful to over-report if you don’t mind filing a bug report!

  5. Lucia says:

    Not sure I like the new interface more than the previous, actually. I think the previous was clearer, somehow, but I just got to the new, so it might be a matter of getting used to it :)
    Current downloads restarted after upgrade, but that was to be expected.
    Player is somehow nicer, though. Controls are easier to see.
    So far, everything else up to scratch and no glitches.
    Thanks for the chance to test.
    And good job, guy, as usual


  6. Rise-T says:

    All in all great new version! I’m not so sure if “Music” in the sidebar is a better term than “Audio”, though, as e. g. I often listen to spoken audio podcasts (news, etc), which doesn’t exactly qualify as “Music”…

  7. Martin says:

    Under Windows 7 the Miro 4 RC shows all podcasts and all downloaded files, but does not display any newly available podcasts. I have about 50 podcats in miro and no one shows newer episodes than of 13th May. And I know that several podcasts released new episodes.

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