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Miro 4 Release Candidate 2

May 20th, 2011 by janet

Update to Miro 4 Release Candidate 2

Miro 4 RC2 Downloads are available.

Miro 4 RC2 for OSX
Miro 4 RC2 for Windows
Miro 4 RC2 for Linux

If you’d like to get involved, here are some ways that you can help.

18 Responses to “Miro 4 Release Candidate 2”

  1. Devin says:

    I know this probably isn’t possible, but one thing that would astound me was if you could use youtube subscripts like a podcast, even if you had to enter the channel URL manually I wouldn’t mind (knowing that the API for youtube is probably all closed) I have no idea how it could even be done with youtube not having any kinda RSS or XML feed of videos to check for updates and get links too. But there is so much great content on youtube that isn’t on blip or other sites with RSS that I could download. I would love to wakeup and head out to the subway and while i’m in the subway catch up on my philip defranco or ray willam johnson.

    But keep up the great work. I was originally a user of miro long before android phone we’re even really around. I used it to download media to then sync with my windows mobile phone but it wasn’t fluent and the software was still a bit buggy :( but now i’ve tried it again and I’m blown away by the progress and it’s become my new fav way of syncing content to android. Have your converter built into is really the major selling point. I can import my movie collection and have it converted for my phone easily without having to do anything manually. It’s just brilliant! (btw wanted to say I really appreciate defaulting to “no” for scanning your whole computer :)

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  3. Dirk says:

    Ugghh, how much more bloated can that interface get. The new features in this new version include:

    - More bloat in the sidebar. I thought this was about podcasts, so why can’t you put all the bloat above that entry in one collapsible top level entry.
    - Another horizontal bar bloating up the podcast item view.
    - No more auto hiding non-downloaded podcasts. OK so I’ll use the sort, but how can I do secondary sorts?

    All in all a big disappointment. I wish the Miro team would take a cue from Firefox 4, because for now this program has gotten a serious infection of linux-itus. Great features, but a god-awful-bloated interface. Someone should make a QT version of this program and make it look good on Windows. Meanwhile taking a look at some similar programs such as WMP, iTunes, Spotify, doubletwist, etc.

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  5. pilus says:

    At first i thought that this is a great alternative media player, but after an hour using this player, this is one very bloated software.

    What i mean is, for so very little features, miro seems to always lag at every action that I do.

    iTunes, in contrary, will only lags when it’s loading something.

    Miro seems always loads something, I don’t know what though.

  6. [...] 4.0 è stato rilasciato, nonostante l’ultimo annuncio della fondazione parli ancora della seconda Release Candidate (RC). Questo rilascio farà parlare di sé soprattutto [...]

  7. It would be nice to have last.fm support. Without it I can’t use Miro.

  8. Max says:

    the rc2 links seem to give 404 errors :/
    are there no linux packages?

  9. John says:

    This version of Miro is a joke. It one large bloated piece of software. When i select videos it is indicating 8 videos downloaded but nothing is showing up in the windows. It is the same when i go to a folder it may indicate 3 files but there is nothing in the window. If i select all i am getting no completed files but half completed files or in queued for download. It is a complete mess. Version 3 was an excellent product but 4 is a joke and needs to be sent back to the drawing board.

  10. Lazmo says:

    Hi Guys!

    Miro *WAS* great piece software till to current version. No user usability anymore available :(

    * Is it still possible to hide watched podcasts?
    * Can i seek video by small amount of time forward and backward? (Currently it switch to another video)

    Sorry, but the newest version is useless.

  11. Labru says:

    4 is better looking, but I sorely miss my ‘mini skip’ with the arrow keys. Skipping 30 seconds is a nice way to skip through a video. I didn’t know how much I used it until I upgraded. I might go back for this very reason.

  12. Janet says:

    Labru – try shift+left and right.

    • Sean Wordingham says:

      Thanks so much Janet. That’s one of my favourtie features too.

    • surprisinger says:

      “One of your favorite features” is one that’s more complicated than the previous version to perform the exact same action?

      Do you find yourself compulsively pressing the forward & backward arrows during playback? Is that a common nervous tic that the new version protects against?

      Is there any reason this shift+left, etc., business isn’t listed in the menu, like other keyboard shortcuts? Are you trying to hide it from my subconscious, lest we all develop new, more complicated nervous tics? Are our nervous tics evolving like viruses? Because if so, it’s one of my favorite features too.

      P.S.: I would maybe Like™ to roll back to version 3.

  13. Nightowl4 says:

    I would like to have tried Miro 4 more but the only way I could use it at all was to turn off F-Secure as they wont play with both in memory. I’ll try it again when the official version 4 is out.

  14. Razor512 says:

    The new UI sucks and worst, if you try to downgrade, it kills your database and subscriptions, you basically have to do a fresh install. and manually re add all feeds

  15. pbj23000 says:

    running miro i regularly see ~4.8GB of ram being used. it greatly slows down anything else i try to do on this box. i’m running win7 64bit on amd.

  16. lilivier says:

    I just tried Miro today.

    Pretty cool but here are the things I don’t like:

    - The font used for the menu of UI (I am under Windows) is just too big ! Just use the current Windows font.

    - There are too many different fonts styles and fonts sizes used in the UI. There should be some uniformization.

    - Not being able to start listening a podcast while it is downloading is really bad :(

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