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Introducing Miro Community Video Highlights Series

June 10th, 2011 by anne

Miro Community, our open-source platform for video aggregation and presentation, is two years old this summer!

We developed Miro Community to make it easy to put videos front and center. The most successful video sites – YouTube, Hulu, TED.com – are centered around videos, and we wanted smaller groups and institutions to have the chance to develop video communities, too.

Since 2009, we’ve seen hundreds of exciting Miro Community sites spring up, making videos easy to find for communities that care about them and providing a way to point people directly to the content they’re looking for.

Users have created such a wide variety of communities:
 Duke on Demand, Pittsburgh on Video, Global Views, Permaculture TV Video Commons, Skiddplayer TV, Boreal Video Labs,  just to name a few! Whether you are a news junkie, a car fanatic, a feminist, or just interested in random online videos you can find a lot on MC sites!

Each week this summer we will be highlighting 3 or 4 videos from different Miro Community sites that we find interesting. We start off on Monday, so be sure to check back! In the meantime, browse the above sites and let us know your favorite videos in the comments. If you’re inspired to start your own site, it’s easy to get started & import video from anywhere on the web. Make Your Site Today >>

This post is brought to you by Anne Jonas, the Miro Community Outreach Coordinator, and Leen Zada, our new Marketing and Outreach Intern

3 Responses to “Introducing Miro Community Video Highlights Series”

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  3. Razor512 says:

    Please get rid of the annoying miro 4 UI, please bring back the UI from 3.5.1

    I cant fathom what would make someone even consider releasing a program with such a cluttered and horrid UI

    and fix the problem with 3.5.1 where it keeps asking me to update.

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