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Miro Community Video Highlights 6/13/11

June 13th, 2011 by Leen

Welcome to Week 1 of Miro Community Video Highlights! Miro Community is an open-source video aggregation and presentation service that allows anyone to develop their own video community. If you’re inspired to start your own site, it’s easy to get started & import video from anywhere on the web. Make Your Site Today >>

Cross Talk: Arablutionaries

Want to learn more about the revolutions in the Middle East?

Check out this awesome video – in this edition of Peter Lavelle’s Cross Talk: “Arablutionaries” Michael Munger, professor and chair of Duke’s Department of Political Science, Alon Ben-Meir, professor of International Relations and Middle Eastern Studies at New York University, and Daniel Pipes, author of the Middle East Forum discuss the Arab Awakening and whether the Egyptians have fulfilled their revolutionist aspirations.

We got this video from Duke On Demand, where Duke University uses MC to share many different videos – from interesting speakers to lively events, and much more!

Surfing Minnesota

Watch Pro big wave surfer Jamie Sterling as he takes on Lake Superior in Minnesota! Jamie says that he underestimated the lake, the waves exceeded his expectations, and he really enjoyed it.

We got this video from the Boreal Video Labs – where you can find videos that showcase the communities of Cook County, Minnesota. The Boreal Video Labs site received the Best in Class award in this year’s Minnesota Community Pride Competition.

Al Jazeera journalist Dorothy Parvaz talks about detention.

Take a look at Dorothy Parvaz as she describes her experience while being detained in Syria and Iran. She was first and interrogated in Damascus, Syria when she arrived to cover anti-government demonstrations on April 29. Parvaz was then deported to Iran, and was freed on Wednesday morning.

We got this video from Globalviews where visionOntv shares news and stories from across the globe.

Sabrina Nelson

Meet Sabrina Nelson, an artist from Detroit, as she talks about how she first started out and expresses her love for Detroit. “I think people think of Detroit as a really ugly city, a lot of the ugliness comes from really beautiful creativity. And you know without struggle, there is nothing, create through the struggle, and then to be able to tell the story that I tell visually is important…”

We got this video from WDET-TV (BETA) – a comprehensive website for Detroit tagged video brought together by WDET 101.9FM, Detroit Public Radio – it is a collaborative effort between the station and anyone who loves or has an interest in the Detroit region.

This post is brought to you by Leen Zada, our new Marketing and Outreach Intern. She is also a guest blogger at Internships.com for Eye of The Intern where she posts weekly about her internship.

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