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Miro Community Video Highlights 6/27/11

June 27th, 2011 by Leen

Welcome to Week 3 of Miro Community Video Highlights! Miro Community is an open-source video aggregation and presentation service that allows anyone to develop their own video community. If you’re inspired to start your own site, it’s easy to get started & import video from anywhere on the web. Make Your Site Today >>

Wired for Change Remix – Inspiring Technology for Social Good

The Project of Digital Ethnography and the Berkman Center at Harvard invited people to create a short remix video with material from the Ford Foundation’s Wired for Change event that shows what they think about digital culture and Internet rights.

One entry to the The Wired for Change Remix Competition is a remix by So Eun-Park which focuses on the importance of ensuring that technology is accessible for everyone – particularly marginalized populations, such as poor people, rural people, elderly people, and disabled people.

The Have & Have Nots

This short documentary profiles Madena Henderson as she explores the cost of education. Madena went on to be awarded a prize to receive $2000 by POV to build the project into something bigger with the help of professional mentors.

The video was published by Sanctuary TV, the online video channel for The Sanctuary for Independent Media. The Sanctuary hosts screening, production and performance facilities, training in media production and a meeting space for artists, activists and independent media makers of all kinds.

The Tribe – DC Summer – Parkour and Freerunning

Check out The Tribe as they take on DC this summer! In this awesome video, The Tribe meet in DC for one week to train and tear up the streets of our Nation’s capitol.

We got this video from TXPK Video Beta, a video website for Texas Parkour which is a nonprofit community, service, and teaching organization and more. The site is aimed to create a community around the video that we (that includes you) create.

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