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Become a Moderator for the Miro Guide!

July 14th, 2011 by Emily

Now that Miro 4.0.2 has been released, we are looking to revamp the Miro Guide and we need your help! We would love to have you become a Moderator for the Guide.

As a Moderator, you can feature videos and audio feeds on the home page, add material, reject broken feeds, and more. Also, you would have access to a private Google group for all Moderators where you could discuss, inquire, and chat about everything Miro Guide.

If you’re interested in joining the Miro Guide Volunteer Team, email Emily@pculture.org to get set up!

7 Responses to “Become a Moderator for the Miro Guide!”

  1. phani says:

    There is a major bug in new Miro – Youtube feeds dont show the date and description at all.. I hope you will fix it soon.

  2. Beate says:

    This version is useless.

    No download, no new channels can be added. It doesn’t even show older downloads and by closing, it remains in RAM and blocks other TCPIP-connections. Have to shut it down by taskmanager.

    How can I downgrade?

  3. Jason says:

    let me know when miro starts working again. i have a 100% brand new apple computer i bought 3 days ago, I dled a few times, and now miro no longer can even bring up a screen, let alone a search,

    im looking forward to when your software works agaain, but currently, it cant even open a simple torrent screen, let alone a search tool.

    i do not recommend this anymore, miro is slacking huge and kets customers down, get a different tool.

    they will probs delete this post shortly but tbh this miro software has yet to open a search function in 30 minutes. i just get a spinning wheel. do NOT waste your time until they fix it.

    its 100% garbage

  4. john says:

    another internet tv program

  5. Mark says:

    Miro is hanging when it runs updates. one or more channels will constantly update and no other update will run. I have to close restart miro to get it to function but after the first update the update function hangs again.

  6. ttt says:

    Is this a joke? what does Miro run in background that also sets the start page for firefox? (during installation it was unticked)
    now all my saved tabs are gone!!

  7. ttt says:

    and also it installs zugo-silent.exe, which is spyware

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