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Miro Community Video Highlights 7/12/11

July 12th, 2011 by Leen

Welcome to Week 5 of Miro Community Video Highlights! Miro Community is an open-source video aggregation and presentation service that allows anyone to develop their own video community. If you’re inspired to start your own site, it’s easy to get started & import video from anywhere on the web. Make Your Site Today >>

Dub FX ‘Flow’ feat. Mr. Woodnote

Listen to this awesome beat – the passion of this beatbox & sax duo breaks the mold of contemporary music styles by bringing in a flashy urban feel. The saxophone adds a jazzy soulfulness to their music.

This video was published by the the Bristol Community Channel. They curate videos about community news, documentaries, and the culture of Bristol.

How Does Your Memory Work?

Our identities are based on our memories. That’s the basis of this intriguing documentary that reshapes our understanding of the human memory. It’s a compilation of different experiments on kids and adults – with shocking results. According to this film, our memory is much more than remembering certain facts, it is about mental time travel; our ability to go back in time which develops over time.

We got this video from The Psychology Video Collection, in which David Webb showcases the best online psychology videos. Webb wants psychology to be accessible to everyone.

CTN Ann Arbor teams up with MC!

Reflecting a unique television experience – Community Television Network (CTN) is now streaming videos online using Miro Community. Their new site allows users to submit videos, comment, and organize content according to interest of the viewing audience.

CTNAnnArbor showcases videos about their city – people, places, services and ideas.

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