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Miro Community Video Highlights 7/20/11

July 21st, 2011 by Serena Kim

Welcome to Week 6 of Miro Community Video Highlights! Miro Community is an open-source video aggregation and presentation service that allows anyone to develop their own video community. If you’re inspired to start your own site, it’s easy to get going & import video from anywhere on the web. Make Your Site Today >>

One Day on Earth – Motion Picture Trailer

What if you could see what was going on around the world all at one moment in history? That’s the premise of ONE DAY ON EARTH, a recording of a 24-hour period throughout the world. This cool video shows us a greater diversity of perspectives than ever seen before on screen and published by the ONE DAY ON EARTH, which set out to explore our planet’s identity and challenges in an attempt to answer the question: Who are we?

The video was published by Snak.tv, a platform to broadcast your news and trying to provide differentiated news from the traditional Media.

Get New Contributors & Diversity Through Outreach

One of the great things about open-source projects is their ability to engage volunteers. But many projects are unable to harness this potential, and suffer as a result. In this PyCon 2011 talk, Miro Community’s own lead developer Asheesh Laroia gives practical tips on increasing the number and diversity of contributors.

This video is one of many excellent Python related lectures and screencasts available at Python Miro Community, curated by Miro’s Will Kahn-Greene and supported by the Python Software Foundation. There’s even a meta video on Python and Miro Community!

Why Do We Like What We Like?

Have you ever wanted to know how we experience feelings? In this video, acknowledged evolutionary psychologist Paul Bloom gives great examples that help explain Essentialism. Bloom says that ultimately, what you believe creates what you feel.

We found this video at Marin TV, which provides non-commercial local programming from global news to local events.

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