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Track Correspondances with Members of Congress Through OpenCongress

July 28th, 2011 by Emily

Good news everyone! The Participatory Politics Foundation just launched a new version of OpenCongress. A sibling non-profit of PCF, the Participatory Politics Foundation is an organization with a mission to increase civic engagement and to create opportunities for engagement with the government.

OpenCongress is a free and open source public resource for tracking and contacting the U.S. Congress. In this new and improved version, OpenCongress finally allows its followers to write a letter to the members of the U.S. Congress and then track and share the correspondence with the public. In fact, they are the only online service on a not-for-profit site that offers features to write all of one’s federal elected officials at the same time.

What’s so great about the revamped version of OpenCongress is it actually encourages input from the public. The new version gives you the ability to reach out to Congress directly and open a dialogue with governmental officials. Thanks to OpenCongress, the government can hear the voices of everyday citizens!

We are strong supporters of the Participatory Politics Foundation and believe you should check out OpenCongress! It’s a great way to monitor official legislative actions and find out what’s really happening in Congress. OpenCongress makes it easy to be a political insider, so check out their site and learn more about the U.S. government.

2 Responses to “Track Correspondances with Members of Congress Through OpenCongress”

  1. kev says:

    since i cant find a place to post a question or request support… here goes.
    Why have you ruined miro?
    Where is the converter section of your program? I have to ‘import’ into miro first ?
    It wont import VOB files.
    I DONT need a ANOTHER 1/2 arsed media manager i need a media converter.
    sooooo. not smart, plus you fake people out with an ‘update’ Perhaps you should warn people that the product wont work as it did. Thank god I have it on my pc. NEVER to be upgraded.

  2. It’s an interesting resource but I think we hear enough of what those liars and cheats say. I think the input from the public is a terrific feature though.

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