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Miro 5! (plugins not required)

May 7th, 2012 by janet

If you are already enjoying all the enhancements for device syncing and music support that we brought to you in Miro 4, then just wait until you get your music on Miro 5.

The latest release of Miro will allow you to clean up your music collection by changing titles like Track 01 to their real title with a single click! Unknown Artists are replaced with the actual name.  Browsing your collection is vibrant and organized in the new Album/Artist view.

If you are tired of listening to the same old tracks on your device, it’s time to freshen it all up with Miro 5.

We’ve added eMusic to the Stores section, so you can sample and buy, and keep it all organized in your Miro music library.

There are new options added to device syncing.   You can sync automatically when you connect your device.  Choose to have Miro fill a percentage of your available space with an assortment of music and podcasts based your preferences with the new Auto Fill option.

And don’t forget the conversions. We have updated to the latest and greatest from ffmpeg to convert any media file to apple, android, KindleFire and web-friendly formats.

If you love your internet video, on Miro, it has just gotten better.  We’ve added support for HD downloads from Vimeo. We’ve upgraded libtorrent.  On Windows, we have updated everything on the backend, bringing a cleaner UI, better browsing, and clearer, sharper playback.

Along with the new release, we’ve moved Miro’s Support and Forums to a new platform to help us help you, and to assist you in helping yourselves and others. Have a question, or maybe some answers? Join in to discuss Miro here.

Miro 5 is the media player you need to share with your friends.  If you haven’t tried it yet, what are you waiting for?

Get Miro!

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5 Responses to “Miro 5! (plugins not required)”

  1. Gerald says:

    Is it just me or is the Video Convert feature extremely buggy ?

    I tried Miro after having been amazed by the easy of use and the reliability of the standalone Miro Video Converter (which has not been updated for some time and doesn’t support batch compression).

    However, about 50-80% of my queued batch encodes (WMV/AVI/… to MP4) either abort with a progress bar close the end or don’t even start at all. The “Clear Finished Conversion” buttons has not worked a single time.

    I have not used previous versions, but at least from my experience if you get Miro to convert Videos v5.0 might not be a good idea. It seems, at least to me, horribly broken.

    • janet says:

      Hi Gerald,

      This sounds pretty awful. Can you please take the time to file a bug here: bugzilla.pculture.org and include your operating system info as well as including some log files and example files or urls.

      I’d like to track down what’s happening to you.

  2. J.C. Hendee says:

    5.0 has made some good strides, but it isn’t out of the swamp as yet. Metadata look up is still doing next to nothing for me. Even with a supplied album, artist, and track title, it has never successfully filled in much. The sources used are NOT the best, and there should be a pronged approach to such data sought. (The best application out there for this, though in a different catagory of use/content is Calibre for e-publications… and it has an architecture for third party plugins that allow search for metadata in personalized sources… hint, hint).

    Additional categories for media would also be nice, and the classifying of media inside the metadata editor should be the model and duplicated as part of the left pane organizer. These two areas should match!!!

    And last but not least, until Miro gets an Android app to match, it’s not really stepping ahead of any of the other iTunes / Media Manager alternatives out there. One the plus side, two many of the alternatives are attempting to lean too much to parasitic on iTunes and/or iTunes data, which means they aren’t really alternatives. Originally I looked at Miro because it leaned further away from this than other alternative media managers, though perhaps it hasn’t cut the cord entirely. I’ll keep watching… and waiting… and hoping.

  3. tod t. says:

    yeah it sounds pretty sweet, I just got a android though so hopefully it will work good on my phone :)

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