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Released!!! An amazing update of the Miro Video Converter

November 5th, 2012 by janet

New version

We at the Participatory Culture Foundation are so proud to announce a completely updated version of Miro Video Converter.  We have acted on your requests and the latest release adds some amazing new features such as:

  1. Batch Processing
  2. More devices and output formats
  3. Better control for output size and aspect ratio
  4. Output of progressive MP4 files for web playback
  5. Improved WebM output quality with SD and HD options
  6. Thumbnail generation
  7. Some additional output options for video developers

And it’s all wrapped up in an incredible new UI!

New look

Keeping with the original simplicity of Miro Video Converter that has made it popular with all of our users, the updated Miro Video Converter comes with a great new look.

Just drag and drop or browse to your list of video files.

Choose your output device or format.

Click the Convert button.

It’s that easy!

More details:

  1. You can add more files to the list while conversions are in-progress.
  2. You can  choose a different output selection once the initial list of video complete.
  3. You can convert several files at one time (based on the number of available processors).
  4. You can adjust the output size or aspect ratio after making a device or format selection.
  5. Miro Video Converter works on Windows 8.
  6. Source is available for linux users.
  7. Miro Video Converter is free and open source software licensed under version 3 of the GNU General Public License.

Download Miro Video Converter!


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12 Responses to “Released!!! An amazing update of the Miro Video Converter”

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  4. Genki says:

    It seems that Mac version is broken…

    • janet says:

      Can you describe what you mean by broken. Do you have the gatekeeper setting to allow: Mac App Store and identified developers?

      • Ari says:

        I’m experiencing the same issue, and I’ve got the gatekeeper set to “Mac App Store and Identified Developers”.

        To reproduce:

        - Double click the downloaded disc image file
        - Opens up MVC folder view
        - Double click the “Miro Video Converter.dmg” file

        Throws the following error dialog modal:

        “‘Miro Video Converter’ is damaged and can’t be opened. You should eject the disk image.”

        I’ve tried dragging the dmg file into the Applications folder as well and running from there – same result.

        I’m on OSX 10.8.2.

      • Ari says:

        Fixed. I had to set “Allow applications downloaded from” in Gatekeeper to “Anywhere”. Apparently the download does not get recognized as an “Identified Developer”.

        Works now. Just a bit disconcerting.


  5. Kraig Brucz says:

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  6. Detlef Pelz says:


    We recently acquired a PVR that can play back various video formats, except the format(s) of nearly all files Miro fetches. I recently converted one of the programs (Rachel Maddow Show) to MP4, sent it to my PVR and enjoyed the video on our large-screen LCD.

    I’m wondering if there would be some way to automate the conversion process on the fly, so to speak, so that incoming videos automatically are converted to a format chosen by the user?

    I should add that I can watch the videos via our home wi-fi, so it’s not even necessary for me to physically move the files to the PVR.

    What do you think? Would such an automated process be possible in the future?

    Thanks, and regards,

    Detlef Pelz

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