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PBS Notices a Miro Related Traffic Spike!

Tuesday, December 4th, 2007

Hey everybody, pwidmer here. I’m one of the volunteer members of Team Miro. I’ve been a channel moderator for some time now, and I’ve recently been helping by submitting bugs, working on documentation, and helping out wherever else I can.

Just before the Miro 1.0 release, I approved and featured the e2 | PBS channel — I thought it was a great show that other users would appreciate. I sent out an e-mail to the creator of the show (as we have been trying to do for all the channels now) to let them know that their channel had been featured.

I received a response from the Associate Digital Producer of PBS thanking us for featuring their show. He was curious about the huge spike in user subscriptions to their WIRED Science channel and wanted to talk on the phone.

They gave me the following statistics for WIRED Science:

  • 70% spike in user subscriptions
  • 80% of these were from Miro users
  • Their subscription rate jumped by ~15,000 users in a single day!

I explained that the reason their show had received these additional subscriptions was because their channel was included among four Starter Channels in the latest Miro release. Another fine point I raised was that these additional 15,000 subscribers were all NEW users of Miro. If a person was simply updating Miro to a new version, they wouldn’t have counted towards this number — they would keep their pre-existing channels.

It was a great experience and I was also able to get feedback on the Miro Guide itself, in terms of ease of use for a video producer. He mentioned a few bugs, so I promoted the priority of these issues. They should be fixed soon, thanks to Miro developer Paul S!

Overall, the folks at PBS are VERY happy and impressed with Miro. They plan on putting all their channels into Miro Guide, as soon as new shows hit the Internet. Check out all the PBS channels currently in the Miro Guide.

After this experience, I realized the significance of the direct connection between the content creator, regardless of their size, and their channel. By having this direct connection, the content creators can ensure that they have an accurate description of their show, the correct images, etc, and for the user they know for sure that this channel is good and maintained by the producer! Thanks for the great interest of PBS and to Dean for letting me handle this issue!

Update: Hey, it’s Dean — I just wanted to add this plug for Paul’s extended works. If you like this piece, make sure you check out his blog at pwiddy’s 2 cents.

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