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Miro 3.5 is Released! Conversions built-in!

Monday, November 1st, 2010

We are delighted to announce the release of Miro 3.5, which adds great features and tweaks, including built-in video conversion for lots of popular devices!

Download Miro 3.5

Read the Release Notes and Miro Users Manual

Miro 3.0-rc3: testing and translations needed!

Friday, February 19th, 2010

Now finished with the last few bugs and some dialog changes, we need your help for some final build testing and translations.

Miro 3.0-rc3 is available from the nightly builds page for:

Please take the time to download, and let us know how it goes.   Here’s a description of some of the new features in 3.0, and the draft release notes.

If you use Miro in a language other than English, we could definitely use your expertise in finalizing the translations.  Go directly to our launchpad project, or from the Miro Help dialog select Translate.

Thank you.

Miro 2.0 Pre-Launch Testing & Translating: Join Us!

Wednesday, January 21st, 2009

Our developers have been hard at work, and the results are pretty spectacular. The new Miro is faster, looks beautiful, and has lots of new tricks up its sleeve (one of my favorites is downloading HD from YouTube).

Before we launch we need some help with testing and translation — the more eyeballs we have, the faster we can push Miro 2.0 out the door. Salivate over this screenshot for a sec, and then try it out yourself.

Download links, translating how-to, and testing instructions are below.


Translating Miro: As many of you know, Miro and the Miro Guide are 100% volunteer translated. If you know any non-English languages, then we’d love to have you translate and/or refine the existing translations. Instructions for helping translate >>

Testing Miro: Using the latest pre-release version of Miro is really fun — and if you’ve got some time to help us run a few tests, we’d be really happy. Testing Steps:

  1. Download a pre-release version of Miro 2.0 (in this case the RC).
  2. (optional) Back up your Miro database… better safe than sorry.
  3. Install your pre-release.
  4. Help us run Litmus tests. Janet has an easy to follow guide for testing with Litmus.

Thanks! We really can’t say enough good stuff about the thousands of people who help: test, report bugs, translate, submit patches, moderate, and answer questions on GetSatisfaction. Thank you all!!!

Top YouTube channels now on Miro

Wednesday, August 6th, 2008

The jury’s still out on YouTube. A lot of things are imperfect: no simple means of downloading videos, the comments on videos are usually absolutely ridiculous, and the audio/video quality, in spite of recent improvements, is still not great. In some circles, they’re synonymous with internet video, making them the first—and sometimes last—destination for many video producers and viewers alike.

As a result of their massive size, there is a lot of tremendously popular content that is only available on YouTube; a strong network effect perpetuates a lock-in cycle between producers and viewers. Reducing that network effect, by combating centralization, is important for a healthy internet video environment. While regular YouTube embeds give the illusion of decentralization, they are still subject to being censored or removed at the source (YouTube). Miro channels (of YouTube content) on the other hand, can decentralize the video in a real way.

The majority of the most popular YouTube shows of all time haven’t been available in the Miro Guide—until now (we’ve added fourteen of them). Subscribe to all of them with this 1-click subscribe button:

Miro Video Player

Not all of these are for everybody, but they’re certainly all popular. Subscribe and see what so many people are looking at on YouTube!

PS: We’ll be adding all our personal favorite YouTube shows to the Miro Guide next. Got any favorites? Please share them in the comments!

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