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Top YouTube channels now on Miro

Wednesday, August 6th, 2008

The jury’s still out on YouTube. A lot of things are imperfect: no simple means of downloading videos, the comments on videos are usually absolutely ridiculous, and the audio/video quality, in spite of recent improvements, is still not great. In some circles, they’re synonymous with internet video, making them the first—and sometimes last—destination for many video producers and viewers alike.

As a result of their massive size, there is a lot of tremendously popular content that is only available on YouTube; a strong network effect perpetuates a lock-in cycle between producers and viewers. Reducing that network effect, by combating centralization, is important for a healthy internet video environment. While regular YouTube embeds give the illusion of decentralization, they are still subject to being censored or removed at the source (YouTube). Miro channels (of YouTube content) on the other hand, can decentralize the video in a real way.

The majority of the most popular YouTube shows of all time haven’t been available in the Miro Guide—until now (we’ve added fourteen of them). Subscribe to all of them with this 1-click subscribe button:

Miro Video Player

Not all of these are for everybody, but they’re certainly all popular. Subscribe and see what so many people are looking at on YouTube!

PS: We’ll be adding all our personal favorite YouTube shows to the Miro Guide next. Got any favorites? Please share them in the comments!

Help create a German version of Miro

Wednesday, April 9th, 2008

It turns out that 22% of Miro users are in Germany. So to those of you reading from Deutschland, please join us in crafting a custom version of Miro just for you!

You can help in three ways:

  1. Moderate: We need people to choose which channels get featured on the German home page, as well as check to make sure that newly submitted channels work in Miro, are legal, and aren’t pornographic.
  2. Translate: We need people to help improve the German translations of Miro’s site, content guide, and application. To get involved visitwww.getmiro.com/code/translate
  3. Recommend: If you have favorite German podcasts or video sites that should be included in the German player, please let us know!

Please comment on this post if you want to be a German moderator or if you have recommendations for German channels. Thanks! If you aren’t primarily a German or English speaker, don’t worry — this is just the first of many community efforts to come.

Also, Holmes and I were in Berlin last week at Re:publica and had a fantastic time. Thanks to Markus Beckedahl for bringing us into the German participatory media scene!

Update: Please join the DeutschMiro Mailing List!

We don’t drop hits, we drop bombs

Tuesday, February 7th, 2006

Video Bomb is here! You can check out our new website for aggregating and finding your favorite videos starting right now:

Video Bomb – videobomb.com

We figured that people like when video recommendations point them to good videos, so we built a site that lets people bump their favorite videos in one central location and share their favorites with friends. At Video Bomb you can submit links to cool videos, ‘bomb’ videos you like so that more people will see them, and make and share your own video channel.

We have been working on this site for the last couple of months and we’re psyched to have it ready for you. The two primary functions of Video Bomb are to let you create your own channel of videos you like and help to bring out the best videos on the web. Every time you bomb a video on Video Bomb, that video gets added to your own video RSS feed. This means that you can instantly become your own filter for videos you like and make your own channel of videos that will work in DTV (and iTunes). Videos that get lots of bombs in a short period of time move up to the front page.

We initially created Video Bomb so that people using DTV could easily create their own channel of video links and share those channels with their friends. Right now you can subscribe to any Video Bomb feed in DTV and soon you’ll be able to bomb a video from within the app. The web component of Video Bomb is sort of a combination of Digg.com and del.icio.us– people will bomb both to generate their own video channel and also to help the community filter up what’s most popular (yes, we are planning a bookmarklet).

You can start off with Video Bomb now and in two weeks when DTV Windows is released, you’ll have more than enough reason to double the number of videos you watch.

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